Our company

Engineering company operating in Italy and abroad in the areas of Management Consulting, Legal and Administrative Technical Assistance, Engineering, business services, services to Public Administrations and industrial groups to support the effective and safe and external.

ProGen counts on the professionalism and experience of its engineering partners, architects, lawyers and technicians from leading General Building Companies, from leading Engineering Companies and from the Free Profession.

ProGen has eight offices, three of which are located in the national territory in Cosenza, Gioiosa Ionica and Siderno, the rest are located abroad in Europe and Asia. The execution of the acquired orders takes place through the multidisciplinary nature of its partners, collaborators and partners who are in possession of the necessary qualifications, specializations and adequate professional experience.

ProGen is equipped with state-of-the-art IT tools and equipment and can tackle and solve very complex intersectoral problems in order to optimize the paths to follow to achieve the objectives in a global form. The operation between the offices is guaranteed by a constant on-line connection of the offices that allows a real-time sharing of documents, drawings and peripherals and can also allow the team to work on a single project while using the resources located at each location.

The Company offers a ten-year experience for the resolution of complex administrative, technical and legal issues for public and private clients in order to speed up the implementation of the projects while reducing the risk of unforeseen events and disputes.

In addition to the common management consultancy services, professional planning and engineering services, works management, testing, project management, consultancy and technical assistance are offered.

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