Highway SA-RC – Environmental Monitoring Plan

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“Highway SA-RC Modernization and adaptation works to type 1 / a of CNR / 80 standards Section 2 section 6 single section – from Km 286 + 000 (junction for Altilia excluded) to Km 294 + 600 (junction of S. Mango included) and Section 2 section 7 single lot, from Km 294 + 600 (junction of S. Mango excluded) to Km 304 + 200 (junction of Falerna included) (DG 39/04) – PMA Execution of Environmental Monitoring Plan “.

As part of the Environmental Monitoring Plan relating to the places affected by the modernization and adaptation works to the type 1 / a of the CNR / 80 standards of the DG39 / 04 lot of the A3 SA-RC motorway, it was recognized the need to implement a System Web-GIS-based Local Information System capable of managing the significant amount of data coming from environmental monitoring actions in a simple and immediate manner. The section of motorway involved in Environmental Monitoring is that between the Falerna junction and the Altilia Grimaldi junction.

YEAR2007 – in progress
CLIENT: ANAS s.p.a. – Contraente Generale Impresa Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a.
PROJECT VALUE: € 360 mln
SERVICE: Executive project; Construction supervision; Environmental monitoring and controls – PMA Environmental Monitoring Plan execution

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