Modernization of the A3 / SA-RC Motorway DG-87/03

New A2 - Mediterranean Motorway

​The project includes 6 interchanges (Scilla, S. Trada, Villa S. Giovanni, Campo Calabro, Gallico, Reggio Calabria Porto); 21 viaducts; 7 bridges; 5 artificial tunnels; 5 natural galleries.

Salerno Reggio Calabria DG DG87 / 03. VI Macrolotto – Modernization and adaptation works to type 1A of CNR / 80 Norms from Km.423 + 300 (Scilla junction included) to Km.442 + 920
The executive project of the natural tunnels has been revisited in order to homogenize and simplify the work, above all at the entrances, reducing the environmental impacts and the interferences with the motorway and local traffic operations.
The Scilla artificial tunnel, which covers only the northbound carriageway, totals a length of 155.0 ml, from the wire of the northern entrance to the southern one, and is characterized by a box section, windowed from the visible side, with maximum internal dimensions equal at 12.20 ml in width and 7.60 ml in height. The type of section, with prefabricated roof beams, has changed with respect to the final design, in which a polycentric internal section of 20.0 x 6.785 m was foreseen in a monolithic structure with an external rectangular section (always windowed from the sea side).

CLIENT: ANAS s.p.a. SA-RC Consorzio fra IMPREGILO s.p.a. e Condotte s.p.a. Via Garanta, 89015 Palmi (RC).
PROJECT VALUE: € 1’250 mln
SERVICE: Executive Project, Project Management, Project Coordination.

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