Segment A.V./A.C. Third pass of the Giovi

European Rhine-Alps Corridor - Italian section

Strategic railway infrastructure defined by the objective law n. 443/01 – Section A.V./A.C. Third pass of the Giovi. The Terzo Valico is a new high-speed high-speed line that allows to strengthen the connections of the Ligurian port system with the main railway lines of Northern Italy and with the rest of Europe. The work is part of the Rhine-Alps Corridor, one of the corridors of the strategic trans-European transport network (TEN-T core network) that connects the most densely populated European regions with the greatest industrial vocation. In line with the most advanced safety standards, the track, which is mainly underground, develops with two simple track tunnels side by side and joined together by transverse links (by pass) so that each can serve as a safety tunnel for the ‘else. The representative works of the Terzo Valico are the following natural / artificial galleries: Galleria di Valico 27,250 km (excavated using traditional and mechanized methods) Galleria Serravalle 7,094 km (excavated with mechanized method) Galleria Campasso 0.716 km Galleria Pozzolo 1,984 km (artificial tunnel)

YEAR2013 – in progress
CLIENT: COCIV, Consorzio Collegamenti Integrati Veloci – Inarchek S.p.A.
PROJECT VALUE: € 800 mln
SERVICE: Final Design Check and Executive Project
LOCATION: Liguria – Piemonte

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